Q&A | Bani Nanda

Delilah chef extraordinaire and world-traveller, has it all figured out. The Miam girl may do desserts but she isn’t one for sugarcoating things. From running her successful patisserie in New Delhi to going for treks in Peru, Bani knows where she wants to go and is unafraid to get there.

Q1: What does falling in love mean to you?

A1: I think it means travelling. Every time I go to a new place, or see a new stamp on my passport, I fall in love all over again.

Q2: Where have your travels taken you so far?

A2: I was last in South America – I went to Peru and Bolivia. It was great! I want to see 100 countries and I do two trips a year, a big one and a small one. Last year I went to Japan and Bhutan. I want to see these places when I’m young and have the energy.

Q3: Have you brought back any flavours and foods from your travels?

A3: Yes, I try everything when I’m travelling. If I had to think of one special ingredient it would be the Buddha’s Hand, which is this giant lemon with fingers. I found it in Vietnam. I don’t use the juices of citrus family fruits too much in my cooking but their rinds.

Q4: What about a signature fragrance?

A4: I’ve stuck with the same perfume for a long time now, it’s a rectangular Dior bottle. Not very fussy, not very girly!

Q5: What do you like most in your wardrobe?

A5: I like lots of big bling – stuff in gold, mostly costume jewellery, and vintage pieces. I don’t like stones, I would never wear diamonds or stones or even silver. With clothes, I like polo necks and pecil skirts. And flared jeans. I like flared jeans.

Q6: Are there any family traditions that you cherish a lot?

A6: It’s only a four-year-old tradition. We’re a dog loving family and have two dogs, Caesar and Zoey, and every summer in June we have a high tea for our them and some others. It’s like Labrador heaven.

Q7: What do you like most about yourself?

A7: I like that I have my priorities in place, I work really hard and focus on my business. I know what I want as a reward at the end of the day, which is to travel and I’m doing that. I have been able to make my passion into my career, and now a business, and I like that I have this road map and plan of what I want to do with it.

Q8: Have you met any people along the way that have changed you?

A8: Not changed no, but I meet lots of people when I travel. I stay in touch with them and visit them. I met this guy in Bolivia who’s 36 and has been travelling for the last ten years but he’s been to 92 countries!

Q9: What makes you laugh?

A9: Really stupid things. What I like most is holding on to inside jokes – normally the kind of things that other people wouldn’t get, but is a memory I have with someone that makes us laugh.

Q10: What are the words you live by?

A10: People need to have passion and the courage to do something about it, if you can make money following your passion then you’ve really nailed it.