Q&A | Devyani Bhatnagar

Delilah Armed with smiles aplenty, Devyani Bhatnagar’s bon vivant attitude complements her role as guidance and career counselor at Sanskar School, helping launch student’s trajectories of graduate studies and careers from Astrophysics to Sports Management.

Q1: What do you like most about yourself?

A1: My ability to understand people, and to talk to anybody and everybody. It’s very important as I’m a counselor, and it comes quite easily to me. Whether I’m travelling, or working, I am a friendly and compassionate person who likes meeting people.

Q2: Can you tell me about the first impression you had of your partner?

A2: (Giggles) He was very calm, not hyper like a boy! He was interested in talking, and going to have tea or coffee. Even when we travel now, he likes to explore and see things, go attend exhibitions. We’ve been married 12 years now, and we can talk endlessly. Actually, I wore my first Rukmani saree as a new bride entering my husband’s house for the first time.

Q3: What’s your personal motto?

A3: “You Only Live Once” – was so happy when ‘YOLO’ became a thing! I am a strong believer in enjoying life to the fullest, and taking each day as it comes. I started running at a very late age, and only started thinking about fitness after my pregnancy. Today I run marathons and feel great!

Q4: When did your love affair with sarees start?

A4: I think as a young girl in school, my friends and I would admire Rajmata Gayatri Devi walk in in her signature chiffons and pearls. I used to be so fascinated by her, and wanted to emulate that grace.

Q5: What are some family traditions you cherish most?

A5: I was born and raised in a ‘joint family’, and later got married into one – family traditions are extremely important to me. It’s like an inheritance, a legacy for our children. The most special time in our house is Janmashtmi, everyone in the family comes together to clean and cook food for the bhog. My daughter Naina paints pichwais with her father. There are bright colours and everyone is happy.

Q6: What does being a mother entail?

A6: Responsibility. Being a mother means you have to be responsible for your child. My daughter is a very content child, and I don’t have to run around her like maybe my mother had to around me! In 9 years of being Naina’s mom, I haven’t had to deal with any episodes or tantrums. She is very mature even at this tender age, very understanding and not demanding. She is my friend.

Q7: Do you have any signature perfumes or fragrances?

A: Narciso Rodriguez. And of course, Pleasures by Estee Lauder. I’m going to grow old with Pleasures.