From what started as a simple hobby, and a desire to create something new each day, Rukhmani has grown exponentially since 1996.
The brainchild of three enterprising sisters – Sunita, Vineeta, Bindu – the name itself is the inheritance of a shared legacy from their dadisa, Rukhmani Singh.
Most inspired by the sarees and poshaks she remembers from her childhood, Vineeta Singh, whose whimsy and creative expression drives each Rukhmani design, started painting chiffons in the early 1990s. Friends and family members flocked to small garden sales, and soon their repute and charisma spread amongst Rajput ladies in the country. MF Hussain’s celebrated film Meenaxi notably showcased Rukhmani sarees, and brought with it the attention of many celebrities and international popularity. With no formal education in design but a lifetime of memories and ingenuity to complement their work, Rukhmani creates close to 2500 pieces a year since the opening of their flagship store in 2003. 
What sets them apart is their promise of exclusivity; no Rukhmani design is quite like another, handcrafted patiently by local karigars. A conscious decision to not produce en-masse also ensures every single piece stems from a nostalgic deference to ’timeless elegance’, and a defiance to adhere to seasonal trends. Marrying ‘old world charm’ effortlessly with beautiful jewel tones and pastel shading, delicate motifs and intricate handwork like vasli, transfers and tracing, lucknavi mukaish and Kashmiri embroidery can all be found at Rukhmani. Based out of Jaipur today the brand boasts a striking patronage globally, especially amongst India’s royal families.